Your All in One LPG Platform

for Vendors, Retailers, Supermarkets and Oil Marketers

Facilitating clean cooking access to millions of households through a digital LPG marketplace with verified readily available LPG vendors , seamless flexible payments and convenient deliveries.


About iGas

iGas provides an online marketplace for gas, accessories purchases and delivery. It leverages the power of technology to facilitate and provide information linkages between gas users (domestic and commercial) and the gas vendors/merchants. iGas creates a platform where gas users can choose gas products, accessories, vendors of choice to procure from and even schedule delivery times and dates. Our core objective is to remove the bottlenecks of gas procurement and the bureaucracy across the supply chain.


Why iGas?

Our services to LPG vendors include:


Access your business analytics dashboard


Access ready customers near you


Gain valuable insights on your customer base


Manage your iGasVendor webstore conveniently


Any Gas vendor with a functional shop with available gas stock can sell on the platform.
Registration is an easy process.
  • 1. Sign up & Accept vendor agreement
  • 2. Set up the iGas vendor shop for your business
  • 3. Update business profile details
  • 4. Update Gas inventory
  • No, there are no registration or renewal fees. However, your sales on iGasVendor are subject to the pre-agreed commission rates according to the vendor agreement.

    The payment will be debited to your vendor wallet immediately the customer does the payment.

    Immediately the sign up process is complete and Gas in stock updated, then ready to start receiving orders.